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Let us realize your IT solutions together



Our experts are technical IT-all-rounders and can assist you with their profound expertise in all aspects of your IT. Within their scope lies the installation of a single PC as well as the support of complex networks with worldwide servers and clients.

Our processes and process standards rely on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which provides a comprehensive basis for an economical and useful provision of IT services.

To cover peak loads, or to relieve internal resources, our employees may permanently operate designated IT tasks in your company.

We do not recommend to outsource an entire IT department. Instead, we do believe that only an internal IT is able to identify and implement both, the requirements of the company and the desires of the employees. And we'd love to help.

One main aspect of our work is our Installation Framework which provides a standardized and automated Windows installation of clients or servers - directed towards efficient work of users and IT department.

We can also support you to create and distribute your applications: By operating your Config Manager server up to the packaging of your software, whether you are running your software deployment "on-premise", in the cloud or hybrid.
Via Group Policies, we configure your Office products, including Office 365, according to the needs of your organization.

In addition, we offer various software solutions that have been designed in order to facilitate the work on a standardized computer (GARDEN, SYSTRAY tool).