Jobs at ask:us

Working with the ask:us team means to work together with enthusiastic, progressive, creative consultants, who are not only - but also - addicted to IT technology. Everyone in our team has a basic technical knowledge and, in addition, is specialized in particular fields. During our daily work as consultants we are constantly at the top of IT developments. Thus, flexibility and willingness for lifelong learning are the basic requirements for our job. Knowledge of current technologies as well as management

techniques will be constantly added to our expertise. About two or three days per week, we are working at our customers’ sites in Germany, and - depending on the project - also in Europe or overseas. For the rest of the time, our offices in Heilbronn and Münster are available or, if requested, it is also possible to work from home. Summarized: An employment with ask:us will offer a high degree of creative possibilities in an innovative team.

You can assist us in one of the following jobs:

  • con:sultant (m/f/divers)
  • technical:expert (m/f/divers)
  • project:manager (m/f/divers)
  • trai:nee (m/f/divers)

Send us your unsolicited application to jobs@askus.biz. We ensure absolute confidentiality.