Windows File Manager Reissued

In anticipation of the new major Windows 10 update, Microsoft has published its old file manager "WinFile", which had initially been developed for Windows 3.0, as an open source program. The source code of the over 20-year-old file manager is available under the free MIT license on GitHub. The software company owes that to Craig Wittenberg, one of its longtime employees. He has continued to maintain the old Windows file manager since 2007 and has constantly adapted it to the new versions of Windows and Visual Studio.

Originating from 1990, the program was developed as a graphical interface for managing files with MS-DOS. According to Microsoft, it can also be compiled and used for 64-bit editions of Windows. On Microsoft's GitHub site, next to the original version also a variant of Wittenberg, with his own additions and improvements, is available for download.

Sources: heise online, Microsoft GitHub

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