Windows Defender for Google Chrome

With Windows Defender, Microsoft's Edge Browser for Windows 10 includes a built-in protection against Internet threats such as phishing or websites that download malicious software in the background. With the Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension, the software company now offers the same protection function for the Google Chrome browser as a free download.

The Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension works with Microsoft-maintained databases that register phishing sites and other malicious websites. Although Google offers such a service for its browser itself, only Microsoft can show slightly higher recognition rates.

The move looks a bit unusual for Microsoft, as it further weakens Edge's position as the primary browser in Windows 10. On the other hand, the company relies on collecting as much information as possible about malicious websites. The currently most popular Internet browser can be particularly helpful. Ultimately, both Internet browsers will benefit and provide more security for the users.

Source: Petri

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