Windows 10 With Changes in the Update Procedure

Microsoft has announced significant changes in the update process for the semi-annual Windows 10 feature updates. According to a blog post, there will be changes to the delivery period and users will be given the option to defer or omit feature updates in the future, if the installed Windows 10 version is still supported.

In the past, the half-yearly function updates of Windows 10 were delivered from the month after which the release was named. For the upcoming function update 19H1/1903, on the other hand, considerably more time will be allowed for testing. According to the release name, the delivery should have started at the beginning of April; but now the complete April is available for extensive tests for the Microsoft employees and the partners. The software company is very vague at the time of publication and plans the delivery "sometime in May". Enterprise customers will not be able to start testing until the end of May when Microsoft will provide the 19H1 / 1903 update through Windows Server Update and the Volume Licensing Center.

With the function update 19H1/1903, all Windows 10 customers will receive the new "Download and Install Now" option, with which they can explicitly choose whether they want to update their device. As long as the installed Windows 10 version is supported, the user does not have to install the update. The software company would like to offer users a bit more control over the half-yearly feature updates. The new "Download and Install Now" option will also be available for Windows 10 versions 1803 and 1809 in May.

Source: Microsoft

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