Windows 10 Support Extensions

For its enterprise customers, Microsoft has extended the support period of Windows 10 Enterprise and Education. With immediate effect, Microsoft is no longer granting just 18 months of support, but 6 months of additional support.

Trigger of this extension was probably the desire of some enterprise customers. As part of Windows as a Service, the software company is rolling out new editions of the Windows operating system twice a year and with different support periods. In contrast to the quite simple update process for single computers, the update process is a lot more costly for enterprise customers.

Currently, the Windows 10 versions Anniversary (1607), Creators (1703) and Fall Creators Update (1709) are officially supported. With this change, even the November 2015 update (1511) will receive official support again, if only for a few months.

End of Support
New End of Support
Windows 10 (1511) 10.11.2015  10.10.2017  10.04.2018 
Windows 10 (1607) 02.08.2016 10.04.2018 09.10.2018
Windows 10 (1703) 05.08.2017 09.10.2018 09.04.2019
Windows 10 (1709) 17.10.2017 09.04.2019 08.10.2019

In addition, Microsoft has also announced a new version for the Long-Term Servicing Chanel (LTSC) for Windows 10. It will be released in fall and have the same functionality as the then valid Windows 10 version in the semi-annual channel (SAC). LTSC is intended for companies that do not want regular feature updates for the operating system, but only need technical support. 

Source: Microsoft

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