SharePoint Online Gets More Storage

Microsoft will increase the storage volume for SharePoint Online in Office 365 about 20 times. In a blog post, the software company has stated that more than 350,000 organizations use SharePoint Online as data storage, and that in the last year alone the data volume has more than doubled. In addition, Microsoft expects demand to continue to grow because of new capabilities in the areas of team collaboration and content management.

The available storage is determined by a formula: in addition to a fix amount of 1TB per client, 0.5MB per user license will be added. Microsoft will now change this formula to 1 TB fix per tenant, the storage volume is extended by 10 GB per user license. According to the new formula, an Office 365 subscription with 1.000 user licenses will have a storage capacity of 11 TB instead of 1.5 TB.

The storage upgrade will be available to all Office 365 applications that use SharePoint Online services, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, or Office 365 groups. Microsoft will roll out this change to all Office 365 tenants between July 1, 2018 and the end of August 2018. The new amount of storage will be displayed when completed in the SharePoint Online Administration Center.

However, SharePoint Online kiosk plans in the Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1 subscriptions are excluded from this extension. Customers who have purchased additional storage for SharePoint Online can reduce it after this increase, depending on their use.

Source: Microsoft

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