Risen: OneNote 2016

In the middle of last year, Microsoft had officially announced that it would stop developing the desktop version of the notes program OneNote and instead only work on the Windows 10 desktop app. OneNote 2016 should therefore remain the last 23-bit version. With the delivery of Office 2019 this had been confirmed, the suite appeared without the notes program. The application should receive support until the end of the life cycle of Office 2016 (until the end of 2020) and thus continue receiving security updates, but no more new functions.

Now Microsoft has deviated from this decision. At the Ignite conference, new features were announced for OneNote 2016 and mainstream support was aligned with Office 2019. The mainstream support ends in October 2023 and the extended support in October 2025. As a new feature, but only for subscribers of Office 365, a dark mode and the support of "Mentions" is announced. OneNote 2016 will again be part of the installations of Office 365 ProPlus and Office 2019.

Thus, there will be two different versions of OneNote with different functionality, until further notice. However, the program manager for OneNote, Ben Hodes, announced at Ignite that OneNote will return to a common codebase without giving a specific timeline.

Source: Microsoft

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