Project Cortext: A New Service in Microsoft 365

At this year's Ignite, Microsoft presented with Project Cortext, a completely new service for Microsoft 365. According to the software company, Project Cortext marks a new way of knowledge management for companies. Using advanced AI methods, documents and content from daily used applications are analyzed and content types are identified in order to extract relevant information from them into a knowledge database, which in turn bundles related topics, content and people. This largely automates content capture, categorization and data management and makes collective knowledge within a company much easier for employees to use. Technologically, Project Cortext is based on Microsoft Graph, some AI technologies and SharePoint. Not only data and services from Microsoft 365 form the basis, but also external sources and services can be considered. Project Cortex already supports sources such as Microsoft SQL databases, Windows Fileshares, Intranet websites, Salesforce or Service Now.

However, Project Cotext does not become a self-runner! Machine-controlled technologies are just one component of successful knowledge management. Employees are just as important. As in the case of a wiki, employees are asked to share knowledge and make it accessible.

Project Cortex is currently only available in a private preview, but general availability has already been announced for the first half of 2020.

Source: Microsoft

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