Outlook Limitation of 500 Folders Finally Becomes History

As recently published in the Office Insider Blog, the limit of 500 shared folders in Microsoft Outlook is removed. The limit of 500 folders has been one of the longest-running product restrictions for Outlook on Windows since the start of cache mode in 2003. There is no exact new limit, but most Outlook customers are expected to see a 10-fold increase in folders.

Synchronizing mailboxes with more than 500 folders resulted in random inconsistencies in the folder items; not only for the owner, but also for others with access to a corresponding mailbox. Actually, Microsoft has rejected this feature request for years. They were of the opinion that the change could only be realized with many years of development work and therefore considered this to be unfeasible. Now the software company has found a way.

The change will be available to Office ProPlus customers, in the monthly channel, for the first time with the 1905 release and for Office customers, in the half-yearly channel, presumably in January 2020.

Source: Microsoft

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