New Storage Servcie: Azure NetApp Files

In a blog post, Microsoft announced the general availability of “Azure NetApp Files”, a new native Azure service developed in close collaboration between NetApp and Microsoft. Azure NetApp Files is, according to Microsoft, the first bare-metal file storage and data management service from the cloud, combining NetApp's ONTAP data management with Azure Cloud capabilities.

Azure NetApp Files will support any POSIX-compliant workload that requires shared file storage. The new service will be offered in three performance levels to better scale with respective requirements. Standard for static web content, file sharing, and database backups; Premium for databases, enterprise applications, analytics, technical applications, and messaging queues; and Ultra for even more performance-intensive applications. The service is fully integrated with the Azure Portal and provides access via Rest API, Azure SDKs, and soon via Azure CLI and PowerShell.

With Cloud Sync, a NetApp service for fast, secure data synchronization, Azure NetApp Files also enables easy migration of data across local and cloud infrastructures. Cloud Sync simplifies lift and shift and DevOps scenarios like instant snapshot, recovery, and Active Directory integration (for SMB) features that work in both the cloud and on-premise. Integrated data replication and backup will also be available in the near future.

Azure NetApp Files is a fully managed cloud service distributed and supported exclusively by Microsoft. Currently, the new service is also available for the Azure regions EU West and EU North.

Source: NetApp

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