New service from Microsoft - Azure Dedicated Host

As part of a preview, Microsoft introduced "Azure Dedicated Host", a new service that allows customers to run their virtual Linux and Windows machines on physical servers owned only by one client and no longer shared with other customers. Azure Dedicated Host not only gives companies more control over the placement of their virtual machines, but also more control over physical security, data integrity, monitoring and update maintenance by isolating virtual machines at the host level. 

The dedicated host is charged at host level, regardless of the number of Azure VMs deployed. However, Azure Dedicated Host supports only one Azure VM series at a time, currently two types. Azure Dedicated Host Type 1 supports all VM sizes of the Dsv3 Series or Esv3 Series and Type 2 VMs of the Fsv2 Series.

Software licenses are billed separately from Azure Dedicated Host at VM level usage; however, Azure Hybrid Benefit is supported.

Source: Microsoft

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