New iCloud Drive App for Windows 10 Released

Apple has released a new version of its iCloud app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store.

The special feature of this app is that users can now easily and conveniently exchange data between the iCloud and Windows 10. This function is achieved by integrating the iCloud storage service into the Windows File Explorer.

Similar to the OneDrive Client,  has its own entry point in the navigation bar of the Explorer after the installation of the app, from which all content from the iCloud can be accessed. Drag and drop" of files from the Windows 10 device to the iCloud is also supported. But the new iCloud app for Windows has another similarity to the OneDrive client. According to Microsoft, the new Apple app will also use OneDrive's Files-on-Demand feature. Users can use this function to determine which files from their iCloud Drive remain available offline on the Windows PC.

The iCloud Drive App for Windows is now available for free installation in the Microsoft Store.

Source: Microsoft

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