Microsoft Launches Qualification Initiative

Microsoft Germany has announced a broad-based qualification initiative for the coming year, which is intended to prepare small and medium-sized enterprises in particular for the coming challenges of the digital world of work. The digital qualification of workforces will also become a decisive economic factor for Microsoft. In the future, the transformation of the working world will lead to significantly more highly qualified occupations that cannot be filled without the continuous acquisition of digital skills.

As part of its initiative, the software group is cooperating with partners from universities, politics and associations and would like to make its own contribution to the Federal Government's National Continuing Education Strategy. Together with the Federation of German Employers' Associations, new ideas for digital qualification will be developed in the coming months and presented at a joint congress in the fall of 2019.

Microsoft has been involved in various digital education initiatives, qualification and training programs for years. Over the past three years, for example, the "Code your Life" education initiative has introduced over 300,000 children to the basics of programming. Existing educational programs, such as the "Imagine Academy" or the "Microsoft Professional Program", will be further developed and new qualification programs, such as the "Partner AI Academy", will be added. From next year, the Group will be offering free training programs for medium-sized companies in the form of its "IT Fitness" initiative, focusing on artificial intelligence and automation.

Source: Microsoft

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