Microsoft Fluid Framework Starts With the First Public Preview

At last year's Build 2019, Microsoft announced the Fluid Framework, a new technology for Microsoft 365 that is designed to provide seamless and barrier-free collaboration between apps. The Fluid Framework focuses on three essential functions. Simultaneous co-authoring for multiple users of web and document content, a component-based document model that allows authors to break content down into individual building blocks and use them across applications, and finally, space and interfaces for collaboration with artificial intelligence, for example for translating texts, retrieving information, or performing compliance checks. According to Microsoft, the first functions of the Fluid Framework will be used in chats in Microsoft Teams, mails in Outlook, SharePoint team sites, OneNote notes or Office documents.

After the first demos at the Ignite in November 2019, Microsoft has now announced the public preview of the Fluid Framework, in which Fluid Framework files with build-in components can be created and shared.

This preview will be rolled out in all Office 365 clients that are configured as "Targeted Release". This is an option for Office 365 that allows you to receive new features or updates before the actual release date. However, for organizations with more than 300 users, Microsoft recommends using a test client for this setting.

Source: Microsoft

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