Microsoft Extends the German Cloud Offer

Microsoft will extend its public cloud services in Germany and expand its existing offer in Germany with two more data centers. In contrast to Microsoft Cloud Germany, the new data centers will be connected to the global public cloud network of the software group.

Today, companies can obtain public cloud offerings, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or Dynamics 365, either from the European data centers in Dublin and Amsterdam, or from Microsoft Cloud Germany, a service Microsoft runs together with Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom acts as a data custodian, ensuring that the software group itself does gain access to any customer data, and that the customer data remains in Germany.

With the data centers, now announced to be stationed in Germany, Microsoft would be able to offer cloud services in which the customer data remains in Germany, but without renouncing the agility of the global cloud network. This point has proved to be quite detrimental to the German Cloud, which has never technologically reached the level of global cloud coverage. New services are either provided with great delay or even not at all.

Microsoft has not yet specified where and when the new data centers will go into operation.


Sources: Microsoft, ZDNet, WirtschaftsWoche

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