DSGVO also for the USA?

In Microsoft opinion, uniform legislation along the lines of the European Data Protection Basic Regulation would simplify compliance rules and thus also prevent different data protection laws in individual federal states.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Deputy General Counsel Julie Brill pointed out that some US states are already drafting their own data protection laws, that would force companies in the future to have different standards in different states. According to Brill, the US Congress should "draw inspiration from the rest of the world and pass a federal law that extends the DSGVO's data protection to US citizens.

For Brill, adapting US data protection law to European or international legal standards not only provides better privacy protection or control over collected data, but also provides clear benefits to American companies. They would then no longer have to develop separate systems in order to meet the respective data protection requirements in the individual states.

In the same blog post, Microsoft points out that since the introduction of the DSGVO on 25 May 2018, more than 18 million people worldwide have already used their own privacy dashboard to manage their personal data, including four million people from the EU.

Sources: Microsoft


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