Comeback of the Windows Power Toys

The PowerToys, successful under Windows 95 and Windows 98, will Microsoft bring back to GitHub as an Open Source project. The PowerToys were a free collection of various utilities that were primarily intended to simplify and optimize work with the Windows operating system. The tools collection was created by Microsoft programmers, but never officially supported by the company itself. It seems that Microsoft was inspired by the idea of the classic PowerToys and again provided a collection of productivity tools for Windows 10; this time as an open source project on GitHub.

A first preview of the new PowerToys will be released on GitHub in summer 2019 and contains only two utilities. One is a function to send a maximized window to another desktop and the other is the WindowsKeyShortGuide, a kind of interactive learning program with information on how to operate the operating system via keyboard commands. But it should not stay that way, the developers have already presented a collection of ideas.

Source: GitHub/Microsoft/PowerToys

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