Archiving Function for Microsoft Teams

Without an official announcement, Microsoft has released a new feature for Microsoft Teams in Office 365, which allows individual teams to be archived.

Previously, it was only possible to manually back up the content of inactive teams and then delete the team. With the new archive function, not only the chat histories of the individual communication channels are now put in a read-only state, but also the associated SharePoint website. Once the team is archived, members have only read access to the information. However, team owners can continue to edit content and, if necessary, restore a team and put it back into active state.

The new feature is not immediately available to all Office 365 clients but will be rolled out gradually this month.

Microsoft Teams is a member of the collaboration tools in Office 365. A Microsoft team combines the functionality of SharePoint, Planner, and OneNote under one common interface, and is always an Office 365 group with a separate e-mail address and with a group calendar. An important component of Microsoft Teams is a consistently chat-based communication method, which allows a topic-oriented distribution up to a one-to-one conversation via channels. Microsoft Teams supports audio and video conferencing and offers a number of third-party service connectivity connectors.

Sources: Microsoft, Petri IT Knowledgebase

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