Windows 10: Delivery of Falls Creators Update was Started

As announced by Microsoft on October 17th, the latest Windows 10 version is ready for download. The "Falls Creators Update" is the fourth extensive update of the Windows 10 operating system, in the meantime. The update with the version number 1709 is free of charge for all customers with Windows 10 devices. 

With the latest Windows 10 edition, the software company delivers a wide range of improvements and new functions. In a press release Microsoft, in the first place, addresses to home users, when emphasizing the support of mixed reality, accompanied by 3D-tools, intelligent photo and pen functions as well as faster streaming for gamers. Additionally, the version 1709 includes numerous improvements, bringing progress for professional use. These include particularly enhanced security capabilities, new extensions for the edge browser, or the new function for the cloud synchronization client OneDrive: "Files On-Demand". 

More Security 

The new function "Controlled Folder Access" has been specifically designed to improve protection against ransomware and to prevent user profile shares from being accessed by untrustworthy applications. Additionally, the user gets the possibility to supplement the list of protected shares and to whitelist allowed apps by himself. As an additional security feature, the formerly autonomous "Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit" (EMET) is now integrated into the new OS version. Under its new name "Windows Defender Exploit Guard", it prevents attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities of the operating system. In addition, "Windows Defender Application Guard" that has been designed for the Edge browser, helps to protect the user against attacks while browsing the internet. Websites that have been classified to be critical, will be opened in a virtual machine in order to separate them from the host operating system. 

More User Experience 

"Files On-Demand" for OneDrive may be a very important innovation. By this function, cloud content will no longer be automatically synchronized to the client, but only on demand. And also the Edge browser has been equipped with some technical improvements: Now it is possible not only to view PDF content, but also to fill in a PDF form, as well as adding notes and markers. Further, minor innovations concerning the operating system are, for example, an expanded screen keyboard that supports swiping and can be minimized to credit card size. Finally, there now is an option to load the profile of the last logged-on user already during the client's boot process, in the background. 

Additional to the release of the "Falls Creators Update" for Windows 10, the new Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is officially available now. This is another edition of the OS, which supports up to 4 Xeon- or Opteron-CPUs, 6 TB RAM, SMB direct, non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N), and last but not least, the ReFS files system.

Sources: Microsoft Deutschland, Heise

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