OneDrive Version History for all Files

In this year’s summer, Microsoft will add a new feature to its online storage service OneDrive for Business. Accordingly, a version history will be added to all file types, which will allow to undo changes within a period of 30 days. The versioning will not only be available for Office documents, but also for PDF, CAD files, photos and videos.

The new feature will be available to everyone this summer, a blog post of Microsoft’s OneDrive team has promised. Thanks to the version history, accidentally deleted files can be restored and mistakenly edited can be reset to a former version. The only restriction is the retention period: In OneDrive, only file versions are allowed, that are not older than 30 days.

However, another OneDrive feature that had already been announced, has been indefinitely postponed: differential synchronization. Using differential synchronization, only the changed parts of a file would have to be transferred between local storage and OneDrive which would result in less data needing to be transmitted.

Sources: Microsoft, ZDNet

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