Azure VM Supports Nested Virtualization

In its private cloud environment Azure, Microsoft is offering new instances for virtual machines that now support nested virtualization. The new VM sizes Dv3 and Ev3 are the first virtual machines based on the new Xeon-Broadwell and Xeon-Haswell chipsets and one of the first offers that can be operated on Windows Server 2016. Users will so be able to use Hyper-V nested virtualization in order to start a virtual machine within another virtual machine.

This feature is expected to be of most interest to users who want to test an on-prem Hyper-V installation in an Azure infrastructure, or who want to provide a shielded environment for tests, trainings, projects, Microsoft says.
The new VM instances are available in the Azure regions US West 2, US East 2, Europe West, and Asia Pacific Southeast. The software company has announced to support additional VM sizes in the coming months.

Sources: Microsoft, Silicon

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